Summer 1982


    inspired by the best childhood memories of Summer 1982


    eat clean

    eat deliciously

    interact passionately


    western gourmet restaurant l french patisserie l haute chocolaterier

  • Our Beliefs & Offerings


    natural ingredients . slow cook

    reduced sweetness . organic flour

    no artificial flavoring . no artificial color

    no preservative

    bake with love I bake for love

    classic western provincial food

    We believe in 'clean cuisine' by utilizing classic culinary techniques on our finely-curated ingredients. We freshly-prepared all our meals and do not use any modern conveniences and premixes, resulting to a meal that is nutritious as well as great tasting bursting with natural goodness.

    We also pair Champagne, cocktail and French wines with our menu items.

    Reserve your seatings at +65 62213969.

    individually handcrafted love

    All cakes & confections are handcrafted individually with finely-curated ingredients using French classical confection techniques. We reduced up to 60% sugar in our cakes. Hence, our cakes are deliciously full-flavored, yet light and bursting with natural goodness.

    We also provide unique experience of Champagne, cocktail & organic tea pairing for cake degustation.

    Reserve your seatings at +65 62213969.

    customized celebratory cake

    Dubbed as the ';Confectionery Queen' of Singapore, Lena has been trained by some of European's top cake decorators, Handcrafting each and every customized cakes with European techniques and the glorious British designs, customized cakes at Mad About Sucre have been described as 'modern chic' and ' timeless elegant'.
    Email us at enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com for your customized cakes.

    haute chocolaterie

    Mad About Sucre blends all chocolates in-house prior to handcrafting various delicious chocolate for your indulgence .

    No sugar is added at the stage of blending, hence allowing the natural flavors of various chocolates to shine through.

    This takes years of expertise as different chocolates have different properties and flavors. This is the key to handcrafting a delicious yet natural chocolate.
    Reserve your chocolates at enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com or call us at 62213969.

    customized chocolates

    Customized your event flavors with our handcrafted chocolate tiles accordingly to your event theme, colors and purposes.

    No longer do you have to be contented with the generic run-of-mill event flavors.

    Now, you customized delicious yet wholesome event flavors that is truly unique for you and your guests, be it a corporate or private event.
    Call us at 62213969 or email us at enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com


    dessert bar

    Let us help you fulfill your dream dessert bar by customizing the dessert spread and set up as how you have always wanted.

    Now, you can have delicious yet wholesome desserts that are truly customized for you and your guests.

    Be it a corporate or private event, let us help you customized your dessert bar. Find out more at enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com or call us at 62213969.

  • Summer Dining Menu

    scratch cooking l fresh ingredients

  • French Wines

    direct import l self curated

    Wine List

  • Tea Room Bites

    3-5pm daily except Monday

  • Opening Hours


    Tuesday to Saturday

    1230pm to 10pm, subject to availability of the menu items



    1230pm to 5pm, subject to availability of menu items





    All-Day Dining Options

    Lunch commences at 1230pm

    Dinner's last order at 830pm, subject to availability of menu items


    High -Tea Options

    Tuesday to Sunday



    For dining-in, a minimum of 1 cake set (1 pcs of cake and 1 beverage) or equivalence is required per person

  • Private, Corporate & Celebratory Events

    where bespoke memories are created

    marquee events

    bespoke experience of dessert degustation

    A 10-course private event with exclusive wine label pairing at your venue or an unique 6-course dessert degustation with tea-pairing to round off your lunch/ dinner at your private venue or hotel ballroom ?We have done it all.

    Every customized menu for every event is meticulously planned to ensure that your guests are truly impressed by the bespoke experience.

    Contact us for more information at +65 62213969 or enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com.

    private in-store event

    your bespoke event at our venue

    Mad About Sucre is a preferred venue for many intimate private parties, solemnization, intimate weddings, product and season's launches, gastronomical events, birthday and celebratory events.

    Renowned for our bespoke and intimate approaches to each and every event, we plan it as if it was meant for our loved ones.

    Plan your exclusive events and parties with us at enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com or call us at +65 62213969.

    off-site events

    customized it your way

    Whether is it an intimate private-kitchen experience, lavish dessert table or a 12-course wine dinner, we have done it all. Each and every event is a bespoke experience for you and your guests.

    Contact us for more information at +65 62213969 or enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com.

  • Locate us @

    27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088334

    +65 62213969

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    DID: +65 62213969

    Tues to Sat: 1230pm to 10pm

    Sunday: 1230pm to 5pm

    Monday: Closed

  • Who's who

    a stellar ensemble of Mad About Sucre

    Trained by some of the top sugar decorators in the world, Lena helms the pastry kitchen at Mad About Sucre. Influenced by the French classic baking techniques and the glorious British designs, Lena's style has been described as 'modern classic' and 'elegant chic'.


    With Lena's direction of using only finely-curated ingredients, unbleached organic flour, no preservative, reduced sweetness, no pre-mixes and no artificial color, coupled with classic French baking techniques, her cakes are elegant-tasting and bursting with natural goodness and smooth flavors,


    Eric directs the French Provincial hot kitchen at Mad About Sucre. Trained in the provincial family kitchens by the mothers and grandmothers of his friends and pals in France, Eric focuses on respecting the natural goodness of the freshly-curated ingredients which is accentuated by the classic French provincial culinary techniques. As a result, the 'clean cuisine' at Mad About Sucre is nutritious, delicious yet bursting with natural goodness without any artificial flavors, without modern pre-mixes and no preservatives.


    James orchestrates the operations & finances at Mad About Sucre. Being an astute foodie himself, he is devoted to empowering the guests on the information of savory & dessert dishes at Mad About Sucre. Through sharing and interaction, James aims to change a palate a day and starting the lifestyle trend of clean cuisine with no preservatives, no artificial flavor, no artificial colors and no modern premixes. This is a road less travelled but it is a path that the team at Mad About Sucre is committed and devoted to.

  • Hirings

    We provide hospitality as if we are sharing our passion with our loved ones

    front-of-house associate(s) - full and part time

    Passionate associate to interact and provide hospitality to our guests.



    Change a palate a day by empowering our guests with information of our cuisines, confections and beverages, like how we would shared with our loved ones.



    Drama, delusional sense of self-entitlement, ignorance, arrogance, negative attitude, pessimism, internalized job-hopping mentality, mood-swings.



    Positive attitude, team-centric and utmost commitment to value-add, contribute, learn and improve.



    Provide hospitality to our guests based strictly on our directions, methodologies and standards. Short cuts & sloppy works not be tolerated.


    If you are keen to join us, please email with a brief introduction of yourself to us at enquires@MadAboutSucre.com. We are an equal opportunity establishment and regret that only shortlisted will be notified.

  • Mad About Opportunities To Expand

    Established in 2014, The Sucre People Pte Ltd (the company) directs the planning, management and operations of Mad About Sucre. The company pioneered the movement of clean cuisine in Singapore by advocating reduced sugar, organic and/ or natural ingredients with no artificial colors, no preservatives and no artificial flavors.


    Synonymous with commitment to quality, the company is renowned for introducing the concept of cake- tea pairing, dessert degustation menu, French provincial cuisine with French wine pairing and handcrafted bespoke chocolates.


    The Company consists of a passionate team with more than 60 years of retail, business set up, operations, management, market development, marketing, communications and strategy planning in the hospitality, retail, banking and food & beverage industry within Greater China, Singapore, Southeast Asia and Indochina region,


    The Company is looking to further engage our customers in the regional countries with our highly-acclaimed food & beverage experiences. To find out more, contact us at enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com