Mad About Sucre

Prosperity Takeaway Dinner ( 3 - 4 pax )


The Prosperity Takeaway Dinner is a complete full meal for your gatherings and celebrations. Serves 3 to 4 pax, reheating is required for some dishes.

1. Treasure of the World (Lobster Tail, Stewed Mushrooms, Clams, Baby Scallops, Fish Maw, Chicken Feet, White Radish, Yam, Long Cabbage, Wakame – reheating required)

2. Fortune Abalone Yu Sheng

3. Whole Drunken Boneless Chicken (serve chilled)

4. Golden Seafood Pillow (Squid, Prawn, Seabream (Deep Frying required)

5. Wild Rice with Preserved Meat, Lotus Seed, Mushroom, Chestnut (reheating required)

6. Chilled Peach Resin & Dried Longan

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