• Marquee Events

    A 10-course private event with exclusive wine label pairing at your venue, an unique 5-course dessert degustation with tea-pairing or a dessert to round off your lunch/ dinner at your private venue or hotel ballroom ? We have done it all.

    Every customized menu for every event is meticulously planned. Email us at enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com

    In-Store Event

    With a intimate seating capacity of 40 guests, Mad About Sucre is a preferred venue for many private parties, product launches, birthdays and baby showers, solemnization, intimate weddings, gastronomical and celebratory events .

    Renowned for our bespoke and intimate approaches to each and every event, we plan it as if it was meant for our loved ones.

    Plan your exclusive events and parties with us at enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com

    Private Dining

    Whether is it an intimate private-kitchen experience, lavish dessert table or a 12-course wine dinner in your private sanctuary of client-hosting dinners, we have done it all. Each and every event is a bespoke experience for you and your guests.

    Contact us for more information enquiries@MadAboutSucre.com.

    Team Building Events

    Be it a cocktail team building event or a inter-divisional bake off, we can help you accomplished your team building objectives.