• Opening Hours & Hospitality Policies

    Tuesday to Saturday

    1230pm to 10pm, subject to availability of the menu items



    1230pm to 5pm, subject to availability of menu items



    Day of Rest


    All-Day Dining Options available.

    Lunch Service from 1230pm. Last order at 330pm.

    Afternoon tea service from 3pm. Last order at 430pm

    Dinner Service from 6.30pm.Last order at 845pm.

    Restaurant Break at 5pm to 6.30pm

    Last order is subject to the availability of the menu items.


    Hospitality Policies

    (updated 17 June 2020 upon Government's Advisory)


    1) Each table or group will be limited to 5 or fewer persons, with at least one-metre spacing between tables or groups.


    2) SafeEntry will be implemented for for all dining-in customers. Temperature screening and checks on visible symptoms (coughing, sneezing, breathlessness, runny nose) will be conducted. Those who are unable to scan the QR code of SafeEntry will be required to provide contact details.


    3) 38 degrees Celsius will be considered as fever. Customers exhibiting visible symptoms and/ or considered as having fever will be advised to visit a doctor and will be declined entry into the restaurant.


    4) All utensils in common spaces will only be provided at the point of usage with no table setting.


    5) All high-touch surfaces and interactive components will be frequently cleaned/disinfected.


    6) Restaurant will close by 10pm.


    7) No consumption of external food & drinks.


    8) For Dessert dining-in, a minimum of 1 pastry set (1 pastry & 1 tea/ cocktail/) or equivalent is required per person.


    9) For lunch and dinner services, a minimum of 1 main course or equivalent is required per guest.


    10) Waiver of wine corkage based on per bottle purchased from menu. eg. Waiver of wine cockage for 1 bottle when for purchase of 1 bottle of wine from our menu. waiver of cockage for 2 bottles for purchase of 2 bottles from our menu. 


    11) Reservations deposit of sgd20 per pax will be required. Deposit refundable for any changes and/ or cancellation of reservation(s) up to 48 hours prior to arrival time allowed. For any changes, cancellation or postponement of reservations with less than 48 hours notice prior to arrival, the deposit will be non-refundable and non-transferable.


    12) Deposit amount will be used to offset the actual bill amount at the point of departure.


    13) While we will do our best to address your seating requests, the allocation of table/ seating is based on 'Best Available Table in the House'. All reservations will be hold for 15 minutes from your reservations time and will be released automatically without prior notice.


    14) While we will do our best to provide our level of hospitality, we reserve the rights to refuse service(s) to anyone(s) whereby his/ her presence in the premise detracts from the safety, welfare, respect and well-being of other(s) and/ or any patrons, associates and/ or the restaurant itself.


    15) All prices are subject to service charge of 10%

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