Tarte of Chawamushi (3pcs) 18
Salmon Roe, Caviar, Tobiko

2 Palms Full  22
smoked onsen quail egg on nest (5 pieces) 

Devil Eggs  16
Trio Style of Eggs, Truffle Mayo, Truffle Slice, Kuih Pie Tee

The Easter Lot  28
Egg Benedict, Choice of Smoked Salmon Slices OR Parma Ham, French Brioche
+ Foie Gras 15
+ Caviar 7

Croque Madame  26
House-Made Brioche Bread Slice, Gruyere, Italian Pistachio Mortadella (Pork), Sunny Side Egg

Rolli Polli  24
French Omelette, Hand-Picked Crab, Mozzarella, Parmesan 

Fluffy Sunday  18
Buttermilk Pancakes, Honey and House-Whipped Butter with a choice of Scrambled, Sunny Side up, or Poached Eggs      

Royalty Bling  39
Deep-Fried Buttermilk Chicken Leg, Caviar, Sunny Side Egg 

 Sakura Pork Chops 43
Ribeye of Sakura Pork on bone (450gram) served with rhubarb and berry sauce

Steak & Egg  39
Sirloin of Pasture-Raised Argentinian Beef, 2 sunny side

Bundle of Gems  20
House Bread, Roasted Baby Carrots, Tomato Jam, 1 Poached Egg  

Truffles Fries  20


Grilled Foie Gras  +15

Crispy Bacon  +7

Grilled Chicken Harissa Sausage  +8

Italian Pistachio Mortadella (Pork)  +9

Smoked Salmon  +10

2 Eggs of any choice  +7

Roasted Mushroom  +7

Roasted Tomatoes  +7

House Bread & Butter  +6

Aperol Spritz  12
Mimosa  12
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 8