Mad About Sucre

Omakase for 4-5 Pax


Bring the MAS experience to the comfort of your own home. No joke, we have a surprise for you!

Omakase Box is individually put together to contain our signature Omakase meal. Great for any occasion, any meal, any day!

The menu is curated with seasonal premium ingredients from across the globe, and lovingly crafted to ensure maximum flavour and freshness. 

1. T
arragon butter, crusty house bread

2. Burrata, compressed vine tomatoes, asparagus, radish, caviar, basil oil, pistachios

8-hours brisket of pastured-raised beef, red wine, roasted carrots

4. Free-range chicken confit, hand mash potatoes, sweet corn, truffle jus

5. Wild-caught barramundi, prawns, spinach, 
served with caviar bleu blanc sauce

6. Truffle-scented mashed potatoes

7. C
harred broccolini

8. Baked millefoglie of Italian eggplant and Japanese sweet potatoes

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