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Father’s Day Cheese Cake.⠀

It’s the best cheese cake recipes for Father’s Day celebration; decadent dark French chocolate (with no sugar added), an aromatic house-blend of Peruvian and Venezuelan Arabica coffee, our fine curation of cheeses and our handcrafted cheesecake shell are made from organic almonds.

It’s a winning recipe that strikes a harmonious balance of tart and sweet with a dreamy, smooth texture yet firm enough to hold a slice when you cut. The crust is fragrant, crumbly and not soggy. The overall mouthfeel is light yet decadent and will not leave an oily aftertaste and texture in your mouth.

We are only baking our Chocolate-Coffee Cheesecake once a year for Father’s Day.

14cm diameter - $75 (5pax)

16cm diameter - $99 (8pax)

Only available for store pickup and delivery from 10th - 19th June



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