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Father's Day Cake (Specially Crafted)



This sesame cheese cake celebrates Father's Day by capturing the essence of the man of the family. The rugged and masculine exterior symbolizes the strength and leadership that fathers often exhibit. The fuzzy sesame cheese interior represents the warmth, affection, and comfort that fathers provide to their loved ones.

By combining these contrasting elements in the cake, it creates a unique and special treat that pays tribute to the qualities that make our fathers so special. It serves as a delicious and thoughtful way to appreciate the important role that fathers play in our life.

$80 - Cake is good for 6-10 people.

This cake contains traces of nuts and cocoa in the decorative elements.

Do note that we do not write messages on our cakes, candles and birthday topper will be provided on request.

Collection starts from 1st June 2024, and last day of collection will be on 15th June 2024.

Storage Care 

Cakes are to be kept in the fridge, best consumed within 5 days.

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