Mad About Sucre

Mochi skin Mooncakes


This Mid-Autumn Festival, Mad About Sucre unveils our bespoke collection of individually handcrafted mochi skin mooncakes. Expect notes of unique floral tea infusions and rich flavours from our house-cured egg yolks in each bite, accompanied by soft chewy mochi skin.

8 pieces of handcrafted mochi mooncakes, 2 of each in the following flavors:

1) White Lotus, Melon Seed, Salted Yolk Cremeux
2) Oolong Tea, White Lotus, Salted Yolk Cremeux
3) Spanish Chestnut, White Lotus
4) Muscat Grape Wine, Dark Chocolate (alcoholic)

Collection / Delivery available from 16th Sept - 1st Oct.
While stocks last.

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