Mad About Sucre

Cake of Dark Chocolate, Plantain, Vanilla & Rum (Gluten Free)


Luxurious dessert with layers of rich dark chocolate mousse infused with the sweet essence of ripe plantains. Enhanced with hints of vanilla and a subtle kick of rum, each bite offers a sophisticated blend of decadent flavors that harmonize beautifully, creating a memorable culinary experience.

Cakes are to be kept frozen, only proceed to thaw the cake 90 mins before eating time in the fridge for desired temperature.

This cake contains traces of nuts and cocoa in the decorative elements.

Do note that we do not write messages on our cakes, candles and birthday topper will be provided on request.

Small-sized (<7 pax) - $92
Medium-sized (<10 pax) - $104 
Large-sized (<120 pax) - $126


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