Your health and well-being is our top priority. 

As your caring hosts, it’s in our nature to look after you and ensure you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind. Mad About Sucre is committed to providing a safe environment for all our guests. We’ve adopted stringent measures to maintain the highest standards of health and hygiene at all times, in line with the Singapore Government’s advisory on 17 June 2020 and subsequent advisories on 20 Aug 2020 on the safe reopening of food and beverage establishments.

Here are some of the measures we are taking to safeguard your health and safety.

  1. Each table will be limited to a maximum of five guests, with at least one-metre spacing between tables.

  2. Groups with over five persons will be seated in separate tables, and mingling between the tables is not permited.

  3. SafeEntry and temperature screening will be implemented for all dine-in customers. Those who are unable to utilise SafeEntry will be required to provide contact details, and those with temperatures above 37.5°C, or who exhibit visible flu symptoms, will not be allowed into the restaurant.

  4. Utensils will only be provided at the point of usage.

  5. All high-touch surfaces will be frequently cleaned and disinfected.

  6. The restaurant will close nightly at 10pm.

  7. Guests will not be allowed to consume food and drinks brought in from outside the restaurant. 

  8. We will do our best to provide an excellent level of hospitality. However, we reserve the rights to refuse service to guests should his or her presence detract from the safety, welfare and well-being of other guests, associates and/ or the restaurant itself.


  1. For lunch and dinner services, there is a minimum order of one main course per guest. 

  2. For those who wish to dine in for desserts only, there is a minimum order of one pastry set, which comprises one cake or plated dessert with tea or cocktail, per guest. 

  3. Should guests bring their own liquor, a one-for-one corkage policy applies; guests must purchase one bottle of wine for every bottle they bring and open. 

  4. We will do our best to meet your seating requests. However, we seek our guests’ understanding that we may not be able to concede to certain requests due to current circumstances.

  5. Kindly note that all prices are subject to service charge of 10%

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