10-years Anniversary Special

French Semi-Buffet Menu
starting from 1st March '24

78+ per guest

*Kids from 6 - 12 yrs old - $39+ *
(includes one entree)

*min 2 pax reservations*


Tuesday to Saturday (90 mins seating)
reservations at 6pm, 7pm and 8.15pm (last seating)
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Saturday (90 mins seating)
12 - 1.30pm (last seating)
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French Semi-Buffet Menu

Four-Hour Soup Of Vine-Ripe Tomato with Pesto (Vegetarian)
OR with Handpicked Arctic Crab Meat, (+5 Per Serving)

House-Baked Toasty Focaccia Bread l Butter

House-Made French Pate Of Chicken Liver l Truffle

French Greens l Cranberry l Tomato l Black Olive l Dates l Lemon vinaigrette

Clams l French White Wine Sauce l Parsley

Baked French Escargot l Sauce Of Parsley Butter & Garlic

French-Style Sweet Pea l French Beans

** Curated Japanese-Inspired Dishes **

Aburi Smoked Fish Platter (one-time serving)
House-Smoked Salmon l Hamachi l Baby Scallop l Spicy Mentaiko Dressing

Kushiage Platter (one-time serving)
Fresh Wild-Caught Prawns l House-Made Chicken Meat Ball l Mushroom l Lotus Root l Quail Egg l Okra

Extra Add on Skewer-
Fresh Wild-Caught Prawn +5
All others + 2.8

Chicken Karage

Japanese Mashed Potato l Tobiko

Japanese Baked Eggplant l Japanese Curry

Speciality Add On - Grilled French Foie Gras (80 grams) l Italian Parma Ham l Aged Balsamic (+ 30 Per Order)


Entrées (Your Choice Of One Selection)

Baked Cauliflower Miso l Premium Nuts l Sourdough Shaving l
Pickled Cucumber l Tomato

Mushroom Pasta
Wild Mushroom l Winter Truffle l Cream l Parmigiano

Grilled Fillet Of Fresh Barramundi
Sauce Of Chipotle l Quinoa

Grilled Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio Pasta
Fresh Tiger Prawn l Pasta l Garlic l Chilli

Crispy Spanish-Style Pork
Light Wasabi l Chilled Soba With Japanese House Dressing

Oxtail Pasta (+7)
Pulled Oxtail l Pasta

French Lamb Shank (+10)
Eleven-Hour Braised Lamb Shank | Polenta

French Oxtail Stew (+10)
Nine-Hour Stew Of Oxtail In French Red Wine l Potato


Kids Entrée
Wild Mushroom Cream Pasta
French Chicken Meatball Pasta With Tomato Sauce

* 1 for 1 *

Nature Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (White Organic Wine)
Nature Merlot (Red Organic Wine)

1. Citrus Fruits
2. Muscat Grapes & Tie Guan Yin
3. Sour Plum
4. Rose & Lychee

House-blended Fruit Tea Mocktail


Wastage Policy
We love to see you full but we hate to see you waste, order what you can consume or there will be a charge of $10+ for every 100g of food wastage.

All prices exclude 10% service charge (GST absorbed)