78+ per guest
*min 2 pax reservations*

doors open at 645pm, dinner starts at 7pm.
(from 28th May onwards)

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*from 18 June onwards, summer French-inspired 13-course tasting menu from 83+

(in the event that you are late, tasting menu may not be served in sequence
but all items will be served.)


Salmon Aburi
wild-caught salmon, cured and lightly torched  l  crystal bread  l  wasabi

Spiced Tuna Sashimi
wild-caught tuna  l  sauce of chipotle  l  rice cake

Baby Scallops
compressed apple  l  citrus   l   almond   l   wasabi

Four-Hour Stew Of Vine-Ripe Tomato with Pesto
or with Handpicked Arctic Crab Meat (+5 Per Serving)

In-house Bread & Whipped Butter

House-made French Pate of Truffle & Chicken Liver

Handpicked Crabmeat in Local - inspired Chilli Crab Sauce
polenta   l   unleavened whole-wheat puff

French Baked Escargot
garlic  l  ginger  l  parsley  l  scallion pancake

* supplement  +17 * 

Foie Gras
40 grams foie gras  l  parma ham

Mushroom Medley
crusted French mushrooms  l  garlic aioli  l  hazelnut

Fondant Potato
miso   l   light spice   l   honey

Spring Sakura
watermelon  |  carrot  |  turnip  |  ricotta cheese  |  elderflower  

(your choice of one selection)
Grilled Wild-caught Fresh Barramundi
Spring tomatoes   l   bell pepper
Grilled Fresh Wild-caught Prawn (+5)
cured egg   l   garlic   l   chilli   l   polenta

(your choice of one selection)
Lava Cheese Chicken Pasta
chicken bolognese  l   pasta   l   cheese sauce
French Oxtail Stew (+7)
nine-hour stew of oxtail in French red wine   l   potato mash

Tasting menu courses may change / modify from the original menu
due to the seasonal ingredients used.


Kids Entrée +25
Wild Mushroom Cream Pasta
French Chicken Meatball Pasta With Tomato Sauce


* 1 for 1 at $25 *

Nature Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (White Organic Wine) 

Nature Merlot (Red Organic Wine)

1. Citrus Fruits
2. Muscat Grapes & Tie Guan Yin
3. Sour Plum
4. Rose & Lychee

Non - alcoholic
House-blended Fruit Tea Mocktail


All prices exclude 10% service charge (GST absorbed)